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About Our Wellness Consultations...

Hello It's Amy Here!

I'm a Nutritionist that supports and empowers Women, Moms & Pre-Teen/Teen Girls as they navigate all the changes happening with their overall wellness, puberty, periods and perimenopause!

I believe...

  • We all can add in more simplicity & joy into the mix! We have a deficiency in the Joy vitamin!
  • Nutrition & wellness is not all about food restrictions and vitamins! 
  • Brain health & emotional wellness is SO important. Lets fill our "energy bank"!
  • Let's normalize conversations about puberty, periods & perimenopause!
  • Living our joy & doing what lights us up is all part of optimizing wellness.

All my clients are different so I customize simple wellness plans for each client. I do this without it feeling like “one more thing” to do. 

I am unique in that I work with BOTH women AND pre-teen/teen girls individually. To your girls I am the “cool aunt” that can get health results while also having fun! 

Women & Moms Does This Sound Like You?

You frequently feel:
  • Overwhelmed & Anxious
  • Lack of Joy & FUN
  • Tired & Stressed
  • Sleep Issues & Mood Swings
  • Hormones Out Of Wack
  • No Time For "Healthy" Cooking

You do so much for everyone else, days are so busy & there's not much time for you! Missing more joy, simplicity & fun in your life? Everything feels routine and the "to do "list is so long?

Imagine Feeling:
  • At Ease & Joyful
  • Inspired & Creative
  • Energized & Rested
  • Balanced Hormones
  • "Healthy" Food Prep Being Easy
Together we will focus on developing:
  • Easy, simple & fun strategies for optimizing hormones & overall wellness
  • A "no rules" approach to nutrition & wellness
  • Finding and choosing what lights YOU up & brings YOU joy

Does This Sound Like Your Pre-Teen/Teen Daughter?

She is:
  • Emotional & Moody
  • Isolating (Door closed)
  • Irritable & Anxious  
  • Unmotivated & Draggy
  • Not Loving "Healthy Food"
  • Developing Acne & Body Changes

She's changed overnight. She used to talk to you but now she gives you the eye roll and closes her bedroom door sometimes. She doesn’t want to hear anything from you because she already knows everything lol. Oh...and she hates most veggies & healthy food now...HA!

She is:
  • Energized and Less Moody
  • More Present & Engaged
  • Motivated & Grounded  
  • Empowered & Inspired
  • Excited About Eating "Healthy" 
  • Happy About Less Acne & Body Changes
Together we will focus on developing:
  • Leadership & Confidence
  • Optimized Wellness & Joy
  • Healthy Friendships & Boundaries
  • Healthy Food SHE Loves

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