I Am So Excited To Meet You!
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Hi, I'm Amy!

I'm a Nutritionist & Joy Generator! My passion and purpose is inspiring and empowering women, moms & pre-teen/teen girls to:

  • live their joy
  • feel nourished in a simple way
  • be wellness champions & leaders
  • do what lights them up!

I am all about keeping things SIMPLE and FUN with nutrition, puberty, perimenopause & overall wellness as we don't need “one more thing to do'' - am I right?

Amy's Bio...

Amy Hudgens B.A, CNC, is a Board Certified Nutrition Consultant. She is the Founder of a global organization called The Nourished Girls Project. Amy is a mom of a teen daughter, visionary, educator and speaker. Over the last 12 years Amy has supported, empowered and inspired hundreds of women and girls globally to optimize their wellness, joy and leadership in a simple & fun way. 

Amy has a B.A in Women's and Gender Studies from Sonoma State University. She has worked in women’s health for over a decade at Planned Parenthood as a reproductive health specialist supporting and advocating for women and girls health care. Amy has led girls  empowerment workshops virtually with over 200 girls in attendance through her Global Leadership Academy . Amy is a mission driven and purposeful entrepreneur. She is all about connection, making a difference, giving back, sharing stories and being in community. 

Amy believes wellness is customized and there are “no rules” when it comes to optimizing your wellness, nutrition and joy. Amy has a special interest in puberty and perimenopausal wellness, supporting brain health and emotional wellness for women and girls. 

Amy supports and inspires women, moms and pre-teen/teen girls globally through her 1:1 wellness consultations in her private practice, girls leadership academy, purposeful products, community outreach workshops and speaking opportunities.

5 Things You May Not Know About Amy


I love eating a rainbow on my plate AND eating dark chocolate Justin's peanut butter cups. I know that the most happy way to joyful health is not through depriving yourself and “more rules”. It’s through a simple customized approach to what works for you and brings you joy,


I value a “no rules” approach to nutrition and wellness. However, I also value supporting my clients with a simple plan that is sustainable and doesn’t feel like “one more thing to do”. We have SO much to do and just go go go. Our nervous systems need love and a few deep breaths. How we feel matters! I believe more play, less rules and more joy is key!


I love wearing bold red lipstick, fashion, art, being creative, and wearing big fun earrings. My favorite colorful earrings are from Mazuri Designs in Uganda ( part of Girl Up Initiative Uganda). More info about our partnership with Mazuri and our first earring collaboration coming soon! Art and creativity in any form is a catalyst for joy and is so essential especially now!

* The Nourished Girls Project is a proud partner with Girl Up Initiative Uganda's Adolescent Girls Program. 


12 years ago I started my “nutrition” business called Busy Bee Nutrition. I hosted and led nourishing cooking classes in my home with other new “tired” moms. I craved community, sharing stories and making simple nourishing food with other moms. Over the years, my business has evolved but my values, purpose and passions have always stayed the same. I am passionate about inspiration, joy, being creative, giving back, building community, sharing stories and making wellness simple!


I love to dance! My favorite music is old school R&B and hip hop. I am a big believer in bringing in more fun and joy into pockets of my day (even if it's just for 5 mins a day). I have a “live your joy” philosophy with my clients. Being a joy generator inspires myself and others to let the silly in, feel more energized and less stressed.