The Nourished Girls Project

Live Your Joy Leadership Academy

For Girls in Middle School

Offering Virtual and/or In Person Customized Weekly/Monthly Workshops

( Middle/High Schools & Small Groups)

Email [email protected]¬†for more info and to apply¬†


Live Your Joy Leadership Academy is about following your own unique passions, being a change maker, dreaming big, feeling healthy, knowing that anything is possible and going for it! Leadership is all about being an empowered leader in your own life & Being YOU.

In The Nourished Girls Project Leadership  Academy you’ll:

  • Develop leadership, entrepreneurial, wellness & life skills
  • Build confidence, self-esteem & joy in a global sisterhood
  • Be inspired, empowered & supported to dream big
  • Develop your dreams & passions while having so much fun¬†
  • Engaging in group projects in a way that is nourishing to you¬†
  • Learn tools to cope with stress & build healthy friendships
  • Learn how to fuel & nourish your body, mind & dreams¬†
  • Connect with other girls & collaborate on your special projects
  • Make a difference in the world by Being YOU
  • $5.00 of each registration will go to Girl Up Initiative Uganda‚Äôs Adolescent Girls Program to help girls with scholarships to be able to attend school.¬†
  • Receive some amazing TNGP Swag
  • Receive a certificate of completion to be able to use on resumes, applications or hang on your wall ( Only for First time participants)

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$225 Monthly


Live Your Joy Leadership Academy Information

Weekly Sessions Available For Middle School Girls

 ( ParentGuardian permission and email required to register)


2024 Session Is Currently Enrolling

Please email Amy at [email protected]¬†for more info &¬†to apply.¬†

**Scholarships available upon request

What The Nourished Girls Project Leadership Academy is:

  • ¬†1- Hour workshops In-person or zoom ( Jan- May ) Weekly/Monthly
  • A small focus group of 8-12 world changer girls in middle/high school
  • Where leadership & wellness unite!
  • Weekly/Monthly workshops with themes focusing on: empowerment,¬†entrepreneurial skills, wellness, nutrition, leadership,¬† confidence, inspiration, stress management, healthy friendships & joy
  • Each girl is invited to pick a dream or social impact project they want to move forward or are interested in learning more about (No project is too small or too big. Girls get to engage with the project element in a way that‚Äôs fun for them.)
  • Girls get to dream together in a sisterhood community, be inspired, empowered and know that anything is possible
  • Monthly Sessions and customized small group offerings are available upon request

Our academy is designed to be nourishing and support girls with their busy schedules by empowering them to optimize and prioritize their wellness and joy in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming.

About Our Academy Leader Amy ~

Amy Hudgens BA,CNC is the Founder of The Nourished Girls Project. She is a board certified nutrition consultant, mom, educator, speaker, change maker, author and visionary.  Amy is a wellness champion and  works with moms and pre-teen//teen girls globally to empower, educate and support their "changing everything" as it relates to overall wellness. Amy has a B.A in women’s and gender studies and has previously worked in women’s healthcare. Amy has a love for fashion, big earrings, being creative and spending time with her friends and family. 

About Our Co-Founder Nylah 

Nylah, age 14, is the Co-founder of The Nourished Girls Project.  She was 9 years old when she started! Nylah believes that it only takes one person to change the world for the better. She is passionate about doing what she can to inspire other girls, like her, to live their joy!! She loves songwriting, being creative and being involved in theater. Nylah enjoys spending time with friends, family and enjoying new adventures

**Nylah will not be participating in the in person middle school programs at this time. She will help Amy with planning content & may attend a session depending on her schedule. Nylah does help lead our Empowerment workshops for 4th, 5th & 6th grades and is part of our  TNGP Ambassador Leadership Team ( 8th & 9th grade girls) 

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Live Your Joy Leadership Academy Information


 (US Residents only. ParentGuardian permission and email required to register)


2024 Session Is Currently Enrolling

Please email Amy at to apply.