Our intention for creating the Live Your Joy card set is to inspire girls globally to be empowered, confident, joyful and kind. TNGP chose to share this intention by creating our card set with bold artwork and empowering messages to remind you to live your joy! Living your joy inspires you to do what you love, follow your unique passions, keep dreaming and go for it! We want girls everywhere to know they are world changers by being themselves.

The Purpose of The Nourished Girls Project (TNGP) is to empower and inspire pre-teen/teen girls to live their joy, be a confident-kindness activist and know that anything is possible!

The Nourished Girls Project is passionate about giving back. We will be donating a portion of annual sales profits to the New York based non- profit organization: Girl Be Heard. 

Girl Be Heard builds leaders, change makers & activists. They do this through developing, amplifying and celebrating the voices of girls and young women through socially conscious theater-making, storytelling and performance.

They run both afterschool and weekend education programs in underserved areas of New York City, where all of our girls’ theatrical work is generated.

About Our Live Your Joy Card Set


A Set of 14 Empowerment Cards Created By The Nourished Girls Project~ A card set that creates joy, connection, inspiration and gives back!

  • 12 4x6 custom art empowerment postcards

  • 2  "extra" custom art cards with art on the front & our card set story on the back

  • Creative direction by TNGP Co-Founder Nylah, age 12 

  • All bold artwork and inspiring messages by Nylah & Amy

  • Created for girls 12 & up (or any age)

  • Every card in our set has usable & custom art

  • Cards are published & printed in the USA in small batches


Fun Ways To Use Our Card Set~ 

  • Empowerment Cards For YOU to use however you want!

  • Hang them up on your wall etc to empower, encourage and inspire you

  • Frame them to add a "pop" of color & inspiration to your space 

  • Gift a whole card set or a single postcard to a friend as a reminder to Live Your Joy Everyday! 

  • Send a postcard with purpose to bring some fun & Joy to snail mail! 

**If you plan on sending a postcard in the mail, consider sending in an envelope so that a clean print is received
**Special thanks to our designer Molly- Kennedy Darling who designed our type layout of our card set

What people are saying about the Nourish Me Card Deck:

"Love the Nourish Me cards. They help me feel determined and strong and connected to other girls my age."

– Annika, age 8

I like it, I like it a lot! I would recommend it to girls everywhere."

– Paloma, age 10

"I use it every day in a special way. I pull out a card every day and challenge myself to figure out what it means throughout the day."

– Cassidy, age 10

"Our time each day pulling a card from the  card deck allows us to connect in the morning to set an intention for the day and pulling a card at night adds to our nightly routine and connection."

– Kari, Child and Family therapist and mom

"The Nourished Girls Project card deck has become a special part of our morning ritual. I love that my nine year old gets a little dose of inspiration before facing the world each morning."

– Diana, Nurse and mom

About the Founder- Amy Hudgens, is a Wellness Champion for Moms & Girls, Board Certified Nutrition Consultant, Author, Speaker, Educator, Visionary, and Mom. A true visionary, Amy is pioneering The Nourished Girls Project with a vision to inspire and empower pre-teen/teen girls to live their joy, be kindness activists and know that anything is possible so dream big!

About the Co-Founder- Nylah, age 12 believes that it only takes one person to change the world for the better. She is passionate about doing what she can to inspire other girls, like her to live their joy! 

🌍 Live Your Joy Everyday! 

🌻 Amy & Nylah