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Raising Nourished Girls! 
(for moms of pre-teen/teen girls) 

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What better time than now to empower, inspire and educate our change-making pre-teen/teen girls (and their moms) with practical tools, guidance, support and information on how to thrive in life valuing health, wellness, joy, the planet and compassion for self and others?



This event will offer simple, practical, useful tips and guidance for how to support, nourish, inspire, and educate the “Whole Pre-Teen/Teen Girl” (and their mom) with her “changing everything"  in the areas of health, empowerment, body confidence, self-esteem, puberty, periods, nutrition, and overall wellness.  

What better time than now to: 

  • Feel more prepared during your pre-teen/teen girls puberty and periods 
  • Empower and Inspire our girls to dream big, live their joy and know anything is possible!
  • Learn more about supporting  your pre-teen/teen with her confidence, self-esteem, healthy relationships and emotional wellness
  • Learn more about organic period products and why it's so important for our health and the planet
  • Get Tips on How to make Nourishment and Nutrition simple and easeful by supporting her changing moods, hormones and changing body
  • Experiencing more joy, hope and ease during this different time in our world
  • Creating more connection and community for our girls and us moms by providing them with tools and education they need to be the world changers they were born to be
  • Cultivating Healthy Habits for your daughters and the whole family

Join our FREE Interview Series: Raising Nourished Girls! 
(for moms of pre-teen/teen girls) 

*Parents/Guardians email suggested. If you are under 18 please get your your parent's permission before signing up.

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**I intentionally handpicked all of these inspiring, diverse and amazing speakers/experts “the dream team” so we can have a connective space for moms of pre-teen/teens to feel empowered, prepared, inspired, educated, joyful and nourished! 

Hear from passionate, knowledgeable World Changing Experts, Thought Leaders and Speakers from all over the world who are passionate about empowerment, health and wellness for our girls and YOU moms. 

Featured Women's Health Experts/Speakers Include~

  • Doctors MD’s and PhD’s 
  • Women & Girl Empowerment Nonprofits
  • Nutrition and wellness practitioners
  • Health and Fitness Coaches
  • Motivational Speakers & Authors
  • Mental Health Specialists
  • Puberty and Period Experts
  • Healthy Relationships, Self- Esteem and Body Confidence
  • Founders of Women and Girls NonProfits

About your host:


Amy Hudgens B.A, CNC, Founder of The Nourished Girls Project is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Author, Speaker, Visionary and  Mom Of A Pre-Teen Daughter. Over the past 10 years, Amy has shown hundreds of moms how to make nourishment simple for their families (and themselves).

A true visionary, Amy is pioneering The Nourished Girls Project with a vision to inspire and empower pre-teen/teen girls to live their joy, be confident world changers, dream big and be kindness activists: changing the world by learning how to be kind to themselves and others. Her main muse and inspiration is her 11-year old daughter, Nylah.


Our Featured Guest Partners:

Christina Glickman
Motivational Speaker & Author

Unapologetic Confidence


Dr. Carly Crew
MD Psychotherapist 
Women's Mental Health Expert

Revolutionizing Women's Mental Health Care


Denielle Finkelstein
Co-Founder & President of Top The Organic Project 

Healthier Period Products


Jaime Jean Klocek
Health Mentor & Brand Partner With Young Living Oils

Clean Living and Immunity

Shawntan Howell
Founder of Girls Are Powerful

Girls Empowerment

Lauren Bay Regula
Founder of The Strong Mom Movement 
&  2x Olympian

Dream Big and Strong Moms

Dina Maktabi
Founder of Kensington Mums 

It Takes a Village To Be A Mom 


Dr. Adrianne Pinkney
Founder Of B.Well: Live Consciously

Healthy Relationships & Emotional Intelligence


Dr. Rachel Dew
Founder Of ModiHealth Whole Girl

Health & Hormones


Jill Dreisilker
Health Coach at Ama La Vida

Body Confidence


Elissa Arnheim
Health Coach for Moms & Kids

Healthy Gut Happy Child 


Peyton Callahan
Wellness Mentor & Coach Awaken To

The Purpose & Power of Your Period  


Julie R Harnish
Founder of  VERITAT Olive Oil

Health & Wellness Truths


Denise Hamburger
Founder & Executive Director of Be Real USA
Body Confident Kids


Chelsea Quint

Intuitive Healer & Author

Yin Yoga & Chronic Stress


Shannon Buth
Founder of House Of Shan &  “Live What You Love” Collection

The Power of Joy


Michelle Wolf
Founder EmpowHer LA
Transformational Coach

Pursue Your Purpose


Karen Sugar
Founder of Women's Global Empowerment Fund

Leadership, Social Justice & Giving Back


Dr. Elizabeth Jennings
Founder Of Remember You Matter Coaching 

Mindfulness & Self Esteem


Suzy Finnefrock
Embodied Movement, Mindfulness & Community Connection


Mareya S. Ibrahim-Jones 
Nutritionist, Chef & Author


Join our FREE Interview Series: Raising Nourished Girls! 
(for moms of pre-teen/teen girls) 

*Parents/Guardians email suggested. If you are under 18 please get your your parent's permission before signing up.


The purpose of The Nourished Girls Project (TNGP) is to inspire and empower pre-adolescent and adolescent girls to know their strengths, dream big dreams and fulfill their potential. These girls are the leaders of our future. We intend to do everything we can to reach girls locally and globally, beginning with our card deck. By creating a daily practice of pulling a card, girls are inspired and challenged to think of their own place in the world and how they may lift themselves up as well as their community to live their joy.